*Your Spiritual Level of STUDY or GIFTS received determines what you know. I hope this message is 1 more jewel in your walk.

The Messiah’s crucifiction is the Begining of 2 Feasts of OT for 7 days to Israel Jews and Messianic (Saved) Jews. His Timing, Full Moon, Seasons, Field/Fruit Harvests are still in His PERFECT Timing.
-Feast of Unleavened Bread = Death to Sin
-Feast of FirstFruits = New Beginings
Every part of Life is scriptural and their are scriptures for every area of your life. And this is 1 more to your watching to be alerted to:
Song of Solomon 2 v 10-14

The verse says Rise up Twice..and indicates Figs and Grape vines bearing fruit..FOCUS that to the 7 Feasts of OT and that brings you to the FEAST OF SHAVUOT that is celebrated every year, and is during the month of????????
MAY/JUNE-Jewish calender
Shavuot or Feast of Weeks:
Is the 4th feast of Leviticus 23 commanded to follow and Commemorates the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. And to Reinforce this is Exodus 23v19..You shall bring the first of your firstfruits to the house of the Lord your GOD.

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The 7..Twelve’s (12) of the Bible

  1. Daniel ch. 12 = 12 chapters
  2. Prov. 2 v 1-12..Wisdom, Knowledg, Understanding
  3. Prov. 3 v 13-24..Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding
  4. Yeshua/Jesus Say’s 12 Times:.. “Have You Not Read The Law”
  5. 2 Chron. 29v20//Dan.4v16,23,25,32//Rev. 1v20//= Four -7777’s 3 x 4 =12
  6. 12 Tribes of Israel
  7. 12 Apostles

**This was just revealed to me in 2013 After 70 bible study’s, much reading, and Very Much ASKING for His Spiritual Gifts of the 17 Gifts the Spirits impart to us.




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Satan’s subliminal attacks


  This is an awareness teaching to open your eyes. Eyes to see why something was happening, what was happening in background or who is pushing the greek movement of old an the Timing of it all and details so that you are not blinded. These topics are included in all this: Greeks, Persia, Egypt, Jews of the Diaspora, Alexander the Great, King Artaxerxes, Prophet Malachi, Nehemiah, JESUS the Messiah.

 430 BC Prophet Malachi

356-323 BC King Alexander 3rd, The Great 

331 BC  Alexander conquers Tyre, Israel

Jews dispersed to Persia returned w/Nehemiah 42,360

1 million Jews of Diaspora in Alexandria, Egypt

Timeline reaches 0

5-30  JESUS the Messiah

70 AD  Jewish Temple destroyed

  Now granted Alexander had just conquered Persia, Egypt, Greece he was not Greek. He did not fight for Greeks. He did not spread Greek mythology. He did found Alexandria, Egypt With help of Antioch an Rome. Thus the Great Library of Alexandria. Alexander is Macedonian. So Why The Big Push Of The Greek Translation? if no ones Greek. Alexanders rule was only 30 years or brief time. Now the Greek translation took place by 70 jews creating the translation so the Greeks have a bible. That was it. Then Paul went  and witnessed there. But the devil is riding this movement where he can in wrong ways to blind you….Now the gays have JESUS so theres a Higher Spiritual level but in this time there are 1-4 Fast moving trains to just run us over if we are not living to Perfect Holiness.


1-Legalizing Drugs

2-Athiests Legalizing religion, which is Idolotry

3-Satanist/Athiests movement believing in no GOD

4-Oneism/twoism movement

  So be as children, harmless as doves and Praying Always for discernment.

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Prophetic-Network.com Les Krause Ministry expanding

    Gift of Prophecy.

Janetmefferd.com/Radio–Excellent current radio of Current/Immportant Faith and Christian Events. Listen live every day.

Earlychristianwrittings.com–Excellent Research site of early scrolls, papers and writtings.

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  There are lots Prophecy scriptures. The ones I list are at the moment that I have researched or that the Holy Spirit has shown me.


Ezekiel 36v27 -38 I will put My Spirit in you(H.S.) and cause you to walk in my  statutes(NT), then you shall dwell in land I gave to your forefathers-I will multiply your grain, I will bring no famine, I will multiply fruit of your trees and the increase of your fields, They can again dwell in cities and ruins be rebuilt, the desolate land will be tilled and not desolate and those that see will say the land was desolate is now like the garden of Eden, I will increase the men like a flock an so shall the ruined cities be filled with flocks of men. 

Ezekiel 37v21- GOD will bring Israel from among the nations and make them 1 land on Israel’s mountains and they will no longer be divided. Other OT scriptures Ore is Promised and that is to happen also as the LORD reveals it.


 Daniel 10v2, Revelation 10v10, v4, v7

 Jewish Disciples are to do Daniel fast Daniel 10v2, for Angel of LORD’s visitation to Touch His hand. The visitation is to touch His hand, not to receive knowledge of  book an prophesy. Its the Touching of Him that we are able to heal. This will cause v4 for the book to be sealed up and v7 the mystery of God to be finished. The mystery of a Healer is a 2 part Visitation, by this fast and by Physically Appearing to Barren women like Abram/Sarah, Samson’s parents Manoah/wife.


   2 Corinthians 4v16-But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of GOD and not of us. (The scrolls were found in earthen vessels in caves)

Ezekiel 47v8, 9, 10-These events will happen as Israel becomes more Spiritually equipped and continue serving YESHUA because we know here the river is Symbolic of River of Life flowing to Dead Sea and that Sea will be filled with the fish of Ocean and all living things by it will live.

* There are 2 other scriptures I need to record of Egypt having 5 cities that will call on the LORD and 1 of a desert area like Jordan will be filled with trees both meaning will happen as those Nations become saved because where GOD/YESHUA live Miracles will happen instantly. Amen

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Healing/ Isaiah 58v6-12


  1st understand this is a complex topic because of all the ways GOD is working and leading so that your feelings are not hurt.

  Ok so you want to be healed or need a healing an the H.S. led you to this verse to break the yoke on you. I know personally that gays are being healed and read stories of Jews being healed asking YESHUA/JESUS in there hearts, and my wife is healed of Asthma by the laying on of hands so He is doing Personal Healings. I Personally Have Done All These Steps An Not Yet Healed but please continue in doing them for joy of your heart and for others. This list is a broad guideline for us to do that OVERLAPS other needy so that No one is Left out of Help, to get our minds off ourselves an gives us liberty of our yoke for the Good that we do to others as we continue in Hope an Perseverance. Also if He healed all quickly an all the time would we ever stop sinning. 

 There are 5 connecting scriptures to the list of 3 steps giving us 10 things to do giving us Hope and Perseverance.

-Fasting involves anointing our head

-Feed the hungry

-Bring the stranger in to your home

-Clothe the naked, then not hiding yourself from your own flesh in this time is witnessing to that person or people. 

-Abide the 10 Commandments and keeping an oath which could be a pledge you want to make to our LORD.

-Lending money or grain

-Releasing Hebrew slaves after 7 years

-JESUS thinks this important an adds 3 more: The thirsty give them drink.

-The sick you visited them 

-In prison you came to them to Witness

Mathew 6v17..Ezekiel 18..Nehemah 5v10..Jeremiah 34v9..Mathew 25v35

  So keep the Faith 1st every day Praying always Loving GOD. I recommend seeking Him on Mt. Top and Breaking Bread often to Please Him for assuredly He Loves All Your Devotion To Him.

* Note there are Bible references of Healers to come of Disciples/Emissaries that will heal instantly like Apostles by Divine Appointment of Barren women of couples. Because He appeared 5 times physically to barren women husbands and wives so He appear 2 more by divine Appt. for 7 times. Even then they must know what to do or miss a CALLING. You must touch the LORD’S Angel, if He appears in a Vision ask to be visited physically and hear again like Abraham/Isaac(Isaac aft birth). 1-Abraham/Sarah Gen.18, 2-Isaac/Rebekah(2x), 3-Jacob/Rachel, 4-Samson’s Manoah/Wife(2x), 5-Zacharias/Elizabeth Luke 1v11. 1st will be to the New saved Jews of Israel an second of other Nations=7. So be looking for barren women as a SIGN that He may be visiting YOU. This is important since its been 2000 years for our 1st Healer since Apostles.

May this  teaching enrich you and give you more Hope.


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My Notes-Good For You, Good For Me

  Listening to the Spirit..Keep Being Obedient..Moses did not receive the 10 commandments till 4th trip to Mt. Top.

    The LORD Loves your prayers and interaction with you. Go to Him 1st in EVERYTHING you do in Prayer allows the H.S. to work for you an not Quench the Spirit.

  Always Praise..Give Him constant Praise/Supplication/Thanksgiving

  Celebrate Bread/Wine as often an wherever you can.

  Do as much Good as you can, As often as you can , Wherever you can.

  YESHUA encouraged reading the Law 12 Times!

EVERY DAY- We are to Cleanse our thoughts and Perfect holiness 2cor.7v1

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