Persue Holiness!!

Believers of all Nations, cultures and languages the Lord loves your worship in your language and in every creative way you can think of and your relationship with God is just like going to school. No matter what maturity we are at in Life we are all always learning from Him and from His Torah, Scriptures,Schrolls,  Texts and Bible…if we are serving Him day in day out and reading the Bible. In school we are always learning and test each week. In Life we are to keep reading the word and when Life tests us we know what we are to do and run from temptation and stay focused on Him. God wants you to be properous and victorious in your walk with Him each day..each day..I said.. each day. He is made up of 7 spirits and is doing things around you and for you with Absolute perfect timing all the time so don’t ever believe that lie or temptation of the devil to lull you away to persue other things more then you do to serve Him. If you don’t have Joy of the Lord right now figure out what is not joyful in your faith and address it in a Holy and Mature mind set and either Pray, Repent, Anoint yourself and Fast, Forgive someone or seek God on the Hilltop or Mountain top and something WILL HAPPEN. With 1 of these 5 things you will either find and answer….remove something bad…. or add something new to your Life and you will be closer to GOD and YESHUA in the process. Remember He is a GOD of Order so revolve your life around Biblical order. Everything Biblical has meaning to Him….#’s, names, events, dates, feasts, fasts. Add these more to you Life and He will be more pleased with you….We should 1st Have the mindset to Please Him.. I said to Please Him or Please Him more keeps us from thinking of ourselves to much and gives us Joy in the Lord. PRAYING and FASTING should be a constant in your life. When you dont have much to pray add reading the Psalms out loud. I have 18 of my favorites..there are titles for praise and worship, mercy, love, thanksgiving, and 92 is for the shabbat/sabbath.

  A Painter paints many things to better themselves try adding one of these to your Spiritual life or Spiritual routine to stay focused or to add Joy Today.

  • Use anointing oil regurlarly
  • Make goal to fast many days this month or year 4 blessings/breaking yolks
  • Make a prayer altar for your prayer closet w/items and candles
  • When mall shopping leave a tract or 2 on car windows
  • Make your own tracts w/microsoft word, downloaded photoshop, print origingal  and copy at copy store.
  • Witness to the carnival people when its in town
  • Witness online or on myspace
  • Pray lords prayer and pray 3 daily. Daniel prayed 3 a day
  • Start celebrating communion every shabbat/sabbath with your homemade bread, wine or grape juice
  • Stop eating pork its bad for your health that’s why GOD told the jews its an unclean animal
  • Be eager for and think of good deeds for others
  • Use bible #’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 14, 22, 24, 40, when fasting, Daniel/Zechariah received visions on 24th.
  • Use bible names, me and my brother have Prophet names
  • Go on hill or mountain top to praise and seek GOD He still loves that from the days of old. You may choose to fast that day also
  • Get a bible dictionary


* For studying the Truest bible text from the scrolls and Torah in Hebrew in english OT/NT with Hebrew glossary and 52 week bible reading plan get:

Stern, David H., The Complete Jewish Bible, 1998,

New King James Intl. Version-Jewish Bible copy

New International Version-Jewish Bible copy

  To compare bible text KJV-CJB you dont need the arabic or greek unless you speak the language to interpret from Hebrew the Original text.

God’s Peace and Blessings,

David Newton

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