7Churches, 7Seals, 7Trumpets, 7Bowls

All those 7’s in todays times. Now starting from the OT we have

The following events happened for YESHUA is telling us his coming is near in Daniel, and 2 Chronicles and then later on we find the 2 events of 4 7’s match the 2 sets of 4 7’s in Revelation. Remember everything in prophetic is in 2’s and that it will happen. 

1st is our visit from YESHUA in Daniel 3 v 25 the 4th person in the fire telling us who He is and He is coming soon. These events are at the end of the OT because Daniel and Chronicles are the last books before Mathew in the Complete Jewish bible so thats why I say its the truest form of bible text cause the books and events are in the right order then the KJV. So Daniel 4v 16, 23, 25, 32 speak of 4 7’s saying seven times shall pass over you and then 4 animals in a Daniel 7 v 1-7. So we learn of YESHUA and 1 set of  4 7’s in Daniel.

2nd  is 7 bulls, 7rams, 7 goats, 7lambs as sin offering to God by King Hezekiah in 2 Chron. 29 v 20-23. So now we have YESHUA and 2 sets of 7’s for Revelation meaning Revelations will happen.

3rd in Revelation we have 1 set of 7 Stars, 7 Lampstands, 7 Angels and 7 Churches then 2nd set of 7’s, 7 Churches, 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets and 7 Bowls. YESHUA did come, is in our hearts and we 2 sets of 7’s to match OT.

So where are we then?? An age is 2000 years so after the Resurection till year 2000 was the opening of the 7 Seals and the Great Tribulation. And that age was the end of Jerusalem being trampled underfoot

  Just past the  Seals the “Great Tribulaion” is  7 Trumpets and a Great Tribulation again for those not Saved with YESHUA. Exatly where we are is just after Revelation 6 v 12 the Great Earthquake in Haiti….we measure richter scale for earthquakes but a 10.0 earthquake in desert doesnt mean anything cause God only brings us earthquakes because of judgement as we know from OT. so 150,000 deaths is the most so far and the Great earthsquake. And there are 2 more like that till the end of 7 bowls.

  Now the 7 Trumpets and 7 Bowls tie in with all the blessings/curses God announced to Jews and gentiles in once-Leviticus 26 v3-46, twice-Deuteronomy 28 v 15-68- twice being prophetic meaning it will happen we sin and when not living Holy lives and not under the law and when jews disobeyed He would cause another one of them to happen. When in  the law are blessings and out of the law are curses. The 7 Trumpets are Leviticus 26 v 28  chastisements. Not v 29. “What does that mean”? Apply that to the Jews in the new Holy land of YESHUA. If they refuse the MESSIAH still then its another Great Tribulation again this age. If there loving the MESSIAH his wrath will be against the enemy even more so. In the Trumpets are 7 chastisements and 3 of plages from the bowls also, Revelation 9v18. Revelation 8 is all the Trumpets.

  Now later on at the end of this age is 7 Plagues/Bowls which tie in to Leviticus 26 v 21 “”if you go against me and do not listen to me, I will increase your calamities sevenfold. jewish text””..if jews are sill disobedient and not enough saved by then with YESHUA then its the  “2 witnesses” and 7 plagues and the “curse of  all the blood of rightous Abel to prophet Zechariah” and the so called antichrist if comes will be from the unsaved orthodox Jews themselves cause YESHUA made statement any Jew that does not love me is the Antichrist in the times to come.

If anyone cant get bible to read original texts there is Jewish OT online, the Tanakh at www.mechon-mamre.com   

  May the Lord Bless you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding as you study.


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