Unsaved People


BLESSINGS:  In D’VARIM you already are supposed to have stones of iron for steel and copper in the hills and Ezekiel says the Dead Sea will become full of the Fish of the Ocean so I have asked the Lord to show where these places are. The last age was the age for the land and Jerusalem to be trampled under foot and that part is over for awhile till Later because the book of Revelation events. ADONAI has already shown you a SIGN of a Blessing of Prophecy thru when a Prophet speaks and it happens or a certain scripture or event being Prophetic meaning it is from  GOD’s spirit that it is happening and that is when it occurs in twice or more like the barren women having children 1-Abraham’s Sarai, 2- Isaac’s Rebekah, 3- Jacob’s Rachel and the 2 Priest’s Elkanah’s Hannah and Zecharias’s Elizabeth.  The Prophet’s Yesha Yahu and  Zkharyah both had visions on 24 day introducing to you this is another way He reveals things to you. And also are blessings so much you can not contain it from the Prophet Malachi 3 v 10 for receiving YESHUA in your hearts.

CURSES: The curses are for the disobedience to those who do not receive YESHUA HAMASHIACH as LORD and SAVIOR and love the SON. People do you not see all the times in Tehillim the word Savior, and in Isaiah Savior, Salvation and Redeemer were used introducing to the ancestors YESHUA was coming and King David quoted 23 verses Himself that YESHAU fullfilled meaning everything about YESHAU is that He is Prophetic cause the scripture happened twice and He is Devinely Messiah. This age He is bringing to you Judgement you unsaved nations and peoples everywhere so that no matter where it happens it is a Sign to all of Disobedience.  He has given me this curse in a vision while staying the night on a mountain top and will be the animals of Dani’el Chapter 7 Lions, Leopards and Bears. May you all receice YESHUA so that your name will be written in the book. Thats why YESHUA said “I require compasion not animal sacrifices” because He changed how not just Jews but includes everyone, all people, all flesh the new way to have our names written in the book of Life. If you do not Love the SON and study the Bible you will not know what YESHUA has done or can do.

*As always when your Obedient you will see the curses happen to the other unsaved nations and peoples.

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