Beware People of the World!!

Even as the LORD’s anointed there are scriptures that scare even me like I will make man a man more rare, turning the moon to blood, destroying the earth.  Yesha Yahu 24 or Isaiah 24 speaks of the Destruction of earth again, which means the Everlasting Covenant has been broken with the normal operations of the sun, and moon. Thats when the catachismic events of Revelation will happen, they are a metaphor to be aware of what can happen if we keep doing wrong. So stop dishonoring the Sabbath by shopping and making others richer cause they think its ok for businesses to be open 24 hours a day, if you found out they were a “Christian” you would not be shopping there anyway. Some event, some nation causes this to happen…we dont want this to happen again….mankind will have failed again and dishonoring the Sabbath in the “Smallest” ways puts “You” on the wrong track. Honour the Sabbath and keep it Holy. May JESUS Bless you with with Wisdom from this lesson. Amen

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