One of the Coming Marks!!

Remember as always you should study all the scriptures of 1 study to see and understand what sign the LORD is showing at that exact time and to understand what is right to Believe. With this study there are different marks and scriptures also..the mark put on peoples foreheads in Ezekiel’s prophecy and the mark of the beast in Revelation..BUT the biggest land mark event for All Mankind is coming up in just 4ooo years at the year 6ooo. We mankind are reaching an HISTORIC LANDMARK EVENT. A critical event because it is the 10,000 year from the time of the flood of Noah. Our Patriarchs of long life that had to live 8 and 900 years, that mankind only made it to the year 10,000. And what we are to be focussing on is the 1st 2 Commandments to Noah, Dont shed man’s blood and Love your neighbor as yourself, and 2 Multiply on the earth….as we continue doing the right thing more breakthrough’s will come like everyone being able to travel great distances on weekend or vacations to see and experience our planet more. I live in america yet I cant visit the Smithsonian or see Niagra falls or visit our fellow frenchman. We as 70 cultures are to work together to see what we can create together and to see more of each other. Or visit our Holy city in Jerusalem. Also we have to learn how to feed a world of people as we grow and live in harmony with our forests and animals. Thats one of the blessings we have as a people, having control over animals. Our pets are our friends. Growing up my friends were Tarantulas, horned toads, lizards, hog nosed snakes, Tadpoles. My first fish tank had minnow fish and a crawdad in it from the local river. Feed the birds in your back yards and the local ducks. Jesus said when you give the little children a cup of water you will not lose your Reward also means feed the littlest of these (the Birds) you do so unto Him. They were His friends too. The Ravens fed Elijah bread and meat. They love bird seed and bread.We are to love our surroundings more and more and our neighbor to get to the next landmark event. He wants us to evolve together and love Life and be thankful for it. GOD Bless.

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