Children of The World!!

  •  You have been studying have you not, and reading the books have you not realized certain things with prophetic meanings by now. I know you cannot learn everything from the Rabbi’s but there are issues that even they should have addressed, realized or come to terms with by now in order to keep teaching you the right way. Since there is such volume of stuff I will try to specify things for you here so you can see what IS THE NEXT STEP for you and what direction it should be in to steer you away from ADONAI’S s wrath in the future. Nothing will be difficult or to great to understand but will reveal the prophetic meaning and what He has been teaching our people ALL THESE YEARS in the old books because the old scriptures were adding up to a BIG event as each book was lived and written.”” O’People, O’Peopleyou must understand these few things to advance in the right direction. An important and critical event is soon approaching that is very important for Israel as a whole. “The 70 year mark of our Land” in 2018 in which you will be in the favor of our LORD but realize these few things:
  • Yesha Yahu-Isaiah spoke 3 words over and overfor you to realize something from about the 40-66 chapters, Savior-Salvation-Redeemer about His Son who was coming.
  • Yechezk’el-Ezekiel the LORDS spirit spoke Son of Man over 52 times for you to realize something when YESHUA began his teachings so that you would also know that everything He was doing was Prophetic and thats why He is also known as Son of Man in 1st capitol letters.
  • Further more you know of the Angel Of The Lord have you not realized all angels have names, what will it take for you and your spiritual leaders to start putting 2 and 2 together. The LORD’S Angel appeared 24 times to your/our people doing wonderful Great things and slaying the Assyrian army for you and you wont give him proper respect. I ask you why would the LORD give him so much authority to do so much if He did not trust Him like His only begotten Son which YESHUA is. Did the people not call him My LORD when He appeared and would any angel not say I am not the LORD if He was not.

May this teaching Bless you!




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