The Spirit Life according to JESUS

Shalom People of the Lord,

  This teaching I have just finished is about 3 pages so I will list the basic ones to see then explain others with scriptures so that you can see the Whole picture of many of JESUS’s parables. The Bible says we are to be Perfect so on the Left is us trying to be Perfect, on the Right the grace of JESUS and in between the commands to do like a few of the ones below.

  Having and living a Spirit led life God is concerned with MATTERS  of the HEART. Things we Need to do and take care of so that when we get to Heaven He has less wrongs to show us. JESUS did speak and teach these things and are important for us to do. So if you have not done some of these yet or some apply to you DO THEM UNTO THE LORD. “Jn 14v23”-JESUS also said: If  anyone loves Me, he will keep My word, and here are His words.

Listed Parables:

  • To Read the Bible
  • He forgave 2 debtors
  • Lowered 1 debt to 80% and lowered another to 50%
  • The Good neighbor to the injured man
  • Dont pick the best seats
  • Bring an erring persong back to GOD
  • Love your enemy
  • You repent and forgive those who wrong you
  • Go to the one you have wronged for accountability and ask forgiveness
  • Feed a poor man
  • Love your neighbor
  • Forgive every time someone wrongs you and says I repent
  • Forgive 70 x 7

  He does not want you to be full of emotional baggage. Some of these lessons like when done you do wrong and say your sorry and go to the person and ask FORGIVENESS like the Bible says keeps you from continuing to Sin and causes the other person to deal with the issue bringing release and closure for both. I can think of many issues that add baggage to people-family issues with parents/sibblings -Divorces, Friends and so on. 

The Spirit Life:

JESUS said to be Perfect: If you want to be Perfect, sell what you have and follow me.

JESUS emphasiesed To Read The Bible!– 12 Times He asked Have you not read the Scripture? –“Mth 12v3, v5, 19v4, 21v16, v42, 22v31, Mk 2v25, 12v10, v26, Lk 4v16, 6v3, Jn 5v39”–via magazine-TheTrue History Behind the King James Bible. May/June 2011                                                  

  Men are Always to be Praying “LK 18v1”

Dont be Quenching the Spirit, building up Baggage in your life and Unrepentance or Unforgiveness Quenches or hinders the Spirit cause you are disobedient.

Worshipers who  do the LORD JESUS’s commands hear him, have you done any of the above yet? “Jn. 9v31”

Simeon heard from the LORD “Lk 2v25”. Are you that in tune with the LORD’s spirit yet if He says something like that to you…Why Simeon..what was He doing..was He praying all the time, Being humble….or maybe He asked a lot of questions of the LORD.. Are you striving to be close to the LORD like that. I interpret him to be a humble Jew loving the LORD of those times.

Every day the SHEMA in Jewish terms:

“Mth 22v37, Mk12v29, Lk 10v27”–Love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, soul and mind. 

“Mth 6v33″-Seek 1st the Kingdom of GOD and His Rightousness and all these things will be added to you.

*”Mth 7v7”-Ask, Seek, Knock–“Lk 11v13” He gives to your Spirit who are Asking.

  “Lk 12v35”-Keep your waist girded is Fasting/.. not girded w/sackloth and mourning/and Lamps burning/Have a Good Eye. IF you commit to fasting often or twice a week as Didache says your conscious and Spirit help you to be Holy in your actions cause their reminding you I’m Fasting..I’m Fasting which is the Holiest way of communicating with GOD.  “Lk 11v33”-Lamp is a Good Eye.

  “Mth 6v17”-When fasting Anoint your head and wash your face. Keep your self anointed w/ Oil. *Very important helps reinforce the mindset.   

“Mth 5v3-10” The Beatitudes are at the Begining to prepare you for the rest of His humble teachings, poor in spirit, meek, thirsting for rightousness, merciful, pure  in heart, peacemakers and persecuted.


*A strong teaching to keep us humble: The man was an informant, maybe instigating and JESUS’s words were- “Lk 13v3” -You Repent, You Repent.  

“Lk 15v7,10”- There’s more Joy in heaven over 1 sinner who repents then the 99 just.

“Lk 17v3”-The brother that sins against you rebuke him, if he repents then Forgive him, 7 times he does so again and  times repents 7 times forgive him.


“Mth 6v14”- You dont forgive, You are not forgiven.

“Mk 11v25”- JESUS teaches EVERYTIME we Pray to Forgive.


“LK 6V27, 35”-Love you enemies, doing good and giving to them and your reward will be great.

“Rm 12”-Being transformed and renewing your mind IS your Daily walk and serving GOD, but having an undealt issue is having a yolk.

“Mth 7v24-26”-Who hears my sayings and “Does them” is a wise man and who does not is a foolish one. 

“Mth 7v17”- Every good tree bears good fruit……Dont stop doing good, or good deeds. Keep thinking or seeking for that moment for a good deed or a person to do it for Small or Spectacular.

“Mth 13v37”- Sowing the good seed. You ask what can I do in this age or time? Maybe witness/ give Bibles to Circus folks or donate time to Habitat for Humanity, Missions mission field you can travel to wonderful countries.  

 “Jn 14v15-17, 26”- The Helper, the Holy Spirit

                          v26-The Spirit will teach you and bring to remembrance the law that you have studied. So after reading the Bible once now the Spirit can really work and show you the Oness you have with him. When doing a study He will show you or lead you to find matching scriptures important to your study.

  “Jn  16v13”-Your Guide-He will Guide you and tell you of things to come.   

  “Jn 14v21”-He who keeps JESUS’s words Loves Him and JESUS will – “Manifest” – Himself to you. This will probably be by leading you or giving you a Scripture in answering Prayers.  

** Additional scriptures:

Spritual Gifts- “1 Cor. 12v1/ Ch 14”

Gifts of the Spirit- “Gal. 5v22”  



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