Fear Of The LORD


 Grace and Wisdom to you in the name of our LORD JESUS!

  Fear of the LORD comes from Wisdom. Wisdom comes from the Spirit and from STUDYING the Law. Everything in JESUS’s teachings point to being Holy and Holiness for He is Holy. The Beatitudes in “Mathew Ch. 5” deals with Mercy, Meekness, Poor in spirit, Pure in heart to prepare you for the rest of His teachings that deal with matters of the heart. All the things He said to do deal with matters of the Heart so we dont have baggage and can be free in spirit. Some of you have reached a certain spiritual level and dont want to deal with all JESUS says to do. “Mark 11 v 25”- says to FORGIVE every time you Pray if you have anything against someone. The next study you should do to have Fear is on every scripture about Curses. Escpecially if you want to see the Spirit more involved with your life in a Good way instead of a Bad way. This study will help you avoid being stale and lukewarm or putting matters off. There are curses for everything,

  1. for not Tithing -“Malachi 3v9”,
  2.   1 from JESUS about people being Healed, “John 5v14”- to Sin no more lest a worst thing come upon You
  3.  also 1 because You dont know what the Bible says or dont Study.
  4. Then is “Gal. 3v10”-because You dont do what it says:Cursed is everyone who does not Continue in all things written in the Book and what you believe of others.
  5.  There’s one for the Breaking of bread in a Unholy manner they are cursed with Sickness -“1 Cor. 11v27”.
  6. “Dt 27v16”-Is a curse for treating Father and Mother with contempt or not Honoring them.
  7.  This Curse “Proverbs 28v27” -Not feeding the poor brings many curses. 

Dont be led wrong tho, Look at all peoples who break bread or have communion We are the sick and diseased! Not because of this curse but because we Abort babies or because we have turned away from GOD to our own desires or because He is testing us.  

  So be eager to Please JESUS, keep Studying, Praying, and Asking and Fasting. Fasting weekly or all year long will keep the anointing built up in you and allows the Spirit to open your eyes and speak to you in the Word more freely. When you take your eyes off the LORD and pleasing Him you start quenching the Spirit from working in your Lives and you dont want to do that.

May JESUS Bless you with Wisdom and Understanding from this sermon.  Amen



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