CapstoneZech 4v7-And he shall bring forth the capstone, with shouts of Grace, grace to it.

                                                            * Holiness    *

                                                        * Bread/Wine    *

                                                     * Pray Always        *

                                                  * Pray/Forgive           *

                                               * Forgiveness                   *

                                            *  Good samaritan                *

                                         * Planting seeds                        *

                                       * Release debts to 80%, to 50% *

                                     * Turn the erring person                 *

                                  * Love your neighbor                            *

                                *BeatitudesM5v3-10-Blessed are :poor in spirit,  mourners, meek, hunry/thirsty, merciful, pure in heart,  peacemakers, the persecuted.

                *Cornerstone M21v42-He has become the Chief Cornerstone

* The 12 are JESUS’s words, parables, teachings. He said if you love Me, keep my commandments. Have you done each one? 


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