Healing/ Isaiah 58v6-12


  1st understand this is a complex topic because of all the ways GOD is working and leading so that your feelings are not hurt.

  Ok so you want to be healed or need a healing an the H.S. led you to this verse to break the yoke on you. I know personally that gays are being healed and read stories of Jews being healed asking YESHUA/JESUS in there hearts, and my wife is healed of Asthma by the laying on of hands so He is doing Personal Healings. I Personally Have Done All These Steps An Not Yet Healed but please continue in doing them for joy of your heart and for others. This list is a broad guideline for us to do that OVERLAPS other needy so that No one is Left out of Help, to get our minds off ourselves an gives us liberty of our yoke for the Good that we do to others as we continue in Hope an Perseverance. Also if He healed all quickly an all the time would we ever stop sinning. 

 There are 5 connecting scriptures to the list of 3 steps giving us 10 things to do giving us Hope and Perseverance.

-Fasting involves anointing our head

-Feed the hungry

-Bring the stranger in to your home

-Clothe the naked, then not hiding yourself from your own flesh in this time is witnessing to that person or people. 

-Abide the 10 Commandments and keeping an oath which could be a pledge you want to make to our LORD.

-Lending money or grain

-Releasing Hebrew slaves after 7 years

-JESUS thinks this important an adds 3 more: The thirsty give them drink.

-The sick you visited them 

-In prison you came to them to Witness

Mathew 6v17..Ezekiel 18..Nehemah 5v10..Jeremiah 34v9..Mathew 25v35

  So keep the Faith 1st every day Praying always Loving GOD. I recommend seeking Him on Mt. Top and Breaking Bread often to Please Him for assuredly He Loves All Your Devotion To Him.

* Note there are Bible references of Healers to come of Disciples/Emissaries that will heal instantly like Apostles by Divine Appointment of Barren women of couples. Because He appeared 5 times physically to barren women husbands and wives so He appear 2 more by divine Appt. for 7 times. Even then they must know what to do or miss a CALLING. You must touch the LORD’S Angel, if He appears in a Vision ask to be visited physically and hear again like Abraham/Isaac(Isaac aft birth). 1-Abraham/Sarah Gen.18, 2-Isaac/Rebekah(2x), 3-Jacob/Rachel, 4-Samson’s Manoah/Wife(2x), 5-Zacharias/Elizabeth Luke 1v11. 1st will be to the New saved Jews of Israel an second of other Nations=7. So be looking for barren women as a SIGN that He may be visiting YOU. This is important since its been 2000 years for our 1st Healer since Apostles.

May this  teaching enrich you and give you more Hope.


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