Satan’s subliminal attacks


  This is an awareness teaching to open your eyes. Eyes to see why something was happening, what was happening in background or who is pushing the greek movement of old an the Timing of it all and details so that you are not blinded. These topics are included in all this: Greeks, Persia, Egypt, Jews of the Diaspora, Alexander the Great, King Artaxerxes, Prophet Malachi, Nehemiah, JESUS the Messiah.

 430 BC Prophet Malachi

356-323 BC King Alexander 3rd, The Great 

331 BC  Alexander conquers Tyre, Israel

Jews dispersed to Persia returned w/Nehemiah 42,360

1 million Jews of Diaspora in Alexandria, Egypt

Timeline reaches 0

5-30  JESUS the Messiah

70 AD  Jewish Temple destroyed

  Now granted Alexander had just conquered Persia, Egypt, Greece he was not Greek. He did not fight for Greeks. He did not spread Greek mythology. He did found Alexandria, Egypt With help of Antioch an Rome. Thus the Great Library of Alexandria. Alexander is Macedonian. So Why The Big Push Of The Greek Translation? if no ones Greek. Alexanders rule was only 30 years or brief time. Now the Greek translation took place by 70 jews creating the translation so the Greeks have a bible. That was it. Then Paul went  and witnessed there. But the devil is riding this movement where he can in wrong ways to blind you….Now the gays have JESUS so theres a Higher Spiritual level but in this time there are 1-4 Fast moving trains to just run us over if we are not living to Perfect Holiness.


1-Legalizing Drugs

2-Athiests Legalizing religion, which is Idolotry

3-Satanist/Athiests movement believing in no GOD

4-Oneism/twoism movement

  So be as children, harmless as doves and Praying Always for discernment.

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