The 7..Twelve’s (12) of the Bible

  1. Daniel ch. 12 = 12 chapters
  2. Prov. 2 v 1-12..Wisdom, Knowledg, Understanding
  3. Prov. 3 v 13-24..Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding
  4. Yeshua/Jesus Say’s 12 Times:.. “Have You Not Read The Law”
  5. 2 Chron. 29v20//Dan.4v16,23,25,32//Rev. 1v20//= Four -7777’s 3 x 4 =12
  6. 12 Tribes of Israel
  7. 12 Apostles

**This was just revealed to me in 2013 After 70 bible study’s, much reading, and Very Much ASKING for His Spiritual Gifts of the 17 Gifts the Spirits impart to us.




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