*Your Spiritual Level of STUDY or GIFTS received determines what you know. I hope this message is 1 more jewel in your walk.

The Messiah’s crucifiction is the Begining of 2 Feasts of OT for 7 days to Israel Jews and Messianic (Saved) Jews. His Timing, Full Moon, Seasons, Field/Fruit Harvests are still in His PERFECT Timing.
-Feast of Unleavened Bread = Death to Sin
-Feast of FirstFruits = New Beginings
Every part of Life is scriptural and their are scriptures for every area of your life. And this is 1 more to your watching to be alerted to:
Song of Solomon 2 v 10-14

The verse says Rise up Twice..and indicates Figs and Grape vines bearing fruit..FOCUS that to the 7 Feasts of OT and that brings you to the FEAST OF SHAVUOT that is celebrated every year, and is during the month of????????
MAY/JUNE-Jewish calender
Shavuot or Feast of Weeks:
Is the 4th feast of Leviticus 23 commanded to follow and Commemorates the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. And to Reinforce this is Exodus 23v19..You shall bring the first of your firstfruits to the house of the Lord your GOD.

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