About Author

An ordained Prophet of God by Adonai’s anointing from birth who celebrates and Praises Adonai our God in the Jewish Messianic Faith.
My spiritual gifts include receiving visions from God and the ability to cast out evil spirits from the posessed psychic mediums, wizards, witches, satanist, shamans, athiest and any other posessed person claiming wicca/wiccan paganism and celebrating in a satanic circle’s with the star pointed up or down.
I was raised christian and read the KJV Bible and now read the CJV Complete Jewish Bible for the truest interpretaion of God’s word with no translations.
I serve the Lord by abiding by the 2 Laws of the NT Mathew 22 v 37-40 and Mathew 7 v 7-12.
All Prophetic words are given as the Lord speaks and reveals in Torah, Brit Hadasha, OT/NT, and Scripture.
May God’s peace be with you.